How To Use A Dog Bath Bomb

After a long day, there’s nothing like kicking back in a warm bath and just letting all of the stress of the day float away. If you’re a person who loves baths, you probably have dozens of products designed to make a regular bath feel like a spa experience - we’re talkin’ bubble bath, bath oil, and definitely, bath bombs. 

When you toss a bath bomb in the water, it gently fizzes away. You are left with bathwater enhanced with essential oils and other skin-soothing ingredients. They also leave behind a relaxing scent, so you get a total sensory experience. 

Believe it or not: Bath bombs have made their way to the arsenal of bath products for dogs. The skin-soothing benefits can help the irritation and dry skin of a dog with allergies. And some bath bombs even have ingredients that help protect your dog from biting insects. 

So if you’re bathing your dog at home, why not amp up the experience by adding a bath bomb to the routine? If you aren’t sure how to make the most of a dog bath bomb, we have some lessons for beginners. Keep reading to learn about how to properly use a dog bath bomb

How To Use A Dog Bath Bomb

You want your dog to be able to get the most benefits possible out of their bath bomb. All it takes are a few extra steps to maximize your dog’s bath time experience. This will help you see results in your dog’s hair and skin more quickly. 

Before you get your dog’s bath ready, gather your supplies, and put them within easy reach. This will save you time and a messy bathroom. 

  • Before the bath, give your dog’s fur a good brushing. Removing loose hair will help water penetrate their coat and get to the skin more easily. This will also save you some cleanup time later and keep your plumbing free from excessive dog hair.
  • Run the bath. Make sure the water is a comfortable temperature for your dog. Some dogs hate bath time simply because the water is too hot or cold. It might take some time to figure out what works best for your dog. 
  • Drop in the bath bomb and let it dissolve. 
  • After a few moments, place your dog in the bath. Use a cup to pour water over your dog, and part the hair to make sure the water with the bath bomb in it gets to all parts of your dog. 
  • Drain the tub, dry your dog, and remove them from the tub! Your dog should be smelling great and feeling relaxed.
  • Finally, make sure to rinse your tub as some of the accent ingredients may need to be cleaned out if they did not dissolve in the bath water. 

Why Are Bath Bombs Good For Dogs?

Quality dog bath bombs, like Fido Fizzies bath bombs, are made with ingredients that are beneficial for your dog’s skin and coat. Dog-safe essential oils like chamomile, lavender, and cedarwood oil are combined with a safe and skin-nourishing carrier oil, like almond, to give your dog a luxurious bath experience. 

Besides providing a calming natural scent, the essential oils also provide their benefits to your dog’s skin. They can help soothe irritation, ease achy joints, and add shine to your dog’s coat. 

Regular warm baths with a bath bomb can help reduce anxiety related to bath time. A bath bomb infused with an essential oil like lavender or chamomile will help your dog relax and enjoy their soak. 

Adding a bath bomb to your dog’s bathwater can help make bath time part of a fun bonding experience for you and your dog. The scents create a calming atmosphere that can help reduce the anxiety around a bath. Used as part of a routine, you and your dog might even start looking forward to bath time. 

But beware; not all bath bombs are the same. If you are using a bath bomb in your dog’s bath, only use bath bombs formulated especially for dogs. Bath bombs for humans may include ingredients that are toxic for dogs. 

How To Make Baths More Fun For Your Dog

Your dog can’t have a luxury bath experience if they’re resistant to taking a bath. Help your dog learn to enjoy bath time with a few simple tricks. 

  • Start with a walk or play session to make sure your dog has all their wiggles out before you try to get them in the tub. 
  • In between baths, let your dog play with their favorite toys in the tub. Make it a familiar and comfortable space for them. 
  • Stay calm. Your dog will pick up on your mood, and if you are showing signs of stress, they will feel more stressed as well. 
  • Bribe your dog with treats. Offer praise and give them treats for standing still and behaving in the tub. 
  • Make sure there’s a non-slip mat in the tub. Feeling stable on their feet will help your dog stay calm.
  • Block water from getting in your dog’s ears with cotton balls. Squirt some ear cleaner on the cotton balls so they can do double duty and clean your dog’s ears when you remove them.
  • Take your time. You might think you should get it over with as quickly as possible. If you take your time, your dog will have time to calm down and enjoy the attention. 
  • Have a play session after bath time, to help your dog associate baths with fun things. 
  • Don’t get angry with your dog if they don’t settle in quickly. It may take a few tries for your dog to start tolerating baths and learning to enjoy them. 

If you’re looking for bath bombs to pamper your pooch, they’re only a click away. Fido Fizzies are made with therapeutic-grade essential oils and food-grade organic ingredients.

dog in bath tub how to use a dog bath bomb

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