About Us

We couldn't exactly get the picture perfect picture but our little pack is pretty happy and we love making products that are helping so many pups scratch less, be more calm and feel more snuggley.  We founded Fido Fizzies to help our pups with their issues.  Our 6 pound Yorkie Gizmo had terrible skin problems that seemed to be food related.  After some research and testing our stop the itch bath bombs helped Gizmo's skin so much that we went to see if we could help Lucy our 11 pound Boston with her massive anxiety which triggered seizures.  After some development of the right blend of lavender and roman chamomile we came up with our zen puppy blend that helped Lucy calm down during bath times and later helped her calm down even more with our zen puppy essential oil blend.                                                      '                 


Hi, I am Jeni the founder of Fido Fizzies. My husband Steven is the tech support for Fido Fizzies and will give me the thumbs up when I develop a new product that ever pup just has to try like our paw spa line or our dogicorn gift set.  Our two adorable two legged kiddos are Bodhi and Bella.  When Bodhi was born I quit a corporate job to spend more time soaking up all the things and went full steam ahead making our business as tail wagging as possible.