About Us

Fido Fizzies is a family run business, created out of necessity, to help our dogs and those of our friends and family alleviate their skin issues, joint pain and overall well-being. 

With Fido Fizzies Dog Bath Bombs, your pup will be spoiled at bath time, all while helping calm their nerves, soothe their itchy skin, relieve joint pain and keep their coat soft and smelling great.

With two four-legged family members, Gizmo and Lucy, that weren't particularly fond of baths, we wanted to come up with a solution to make the bath time process better in so many ways.

Lucy, an 11-pound Boston Terrier is a bundle of energy so we created the “zen puppy” dog bath bomb to help calm her nerves at bath time.


Gizmo is a 5-pound Yorkie with some skin problems that our “stop the itch” dog bath bomb helps with, by soothing his skin to help keep away the scratch attacks that happened way too much and caused scabs and overall discomfort for the little guy.

Plus, who does not love bath bombs even for their own bath? We knew helping dogs and making bath time a little more fun was a win for everyone.