Should Lavender essential oil be part of your dogs care routine?

Lavender essential oil is a cornerstone in many dog products including our own and with good reason.  Lavender essential oils are packed with benefits for your pooch.  A few are the obvious ones that carry over to us humans such as the calming effect that lavender has and its overall pleasing scent.  But there is a long list of others that merit mentioning.  

  1. Lavender essential oil can help reduce inflammation in joints and wounds.
  2. Provides relief for itchy and irritated skin.
  3. Wards off ticks, mosquitoes and other bugs.
  4. Fights germs and promotes healing
  5. Lavender also has antibacterial agents
  6. Helps control impulses of irritability, panic attacks, fear, confusion and restlessness in dogs.


Here are some ways you can incorporate essential oils into your pups days.


  1. Direct inhalation (wafting the bottle under their nose or applying the oil to his collar or bed)
  2. Diffusion
  3. Mist sprays
  4. Topical

How do you introduce essential oils into your pups life?

 Our first tip is to start small.  Testing your pups reaction or lack of reaction to understand how your pups body reacts.  Most people know if they have a reactive dog to outside products.  Signs that your pup may be sensitive to the essential oil are avoiding you or hiding, rubbing their face into things or whining.  Other signs could be a rash where the oil was applied, watery eyes, hives and a running nose.  Most dogs have no reaction whatsoever but if you have an reactive dog start small on incorporating to test if there is a reaction.

We offer two different products to incorporate oils in your pups life.  Our first product is our paw diffuser pack which includes a diffuser collar charm and our zen puppy essential oil blend.  This diffuser charm clips to the collar of your pup and you place the oil on the felt pad housed in the charm.  Then we also sell our zen puppy blend as a stand alone product if you want to incorporate it in one of the other distribution methods.  Want to get started with essential oils in your pups life?  Use code ZENPUPPY for 15% off at checkout at