Is Chamomile Safe For Dogs?

Herbal is in! With dog owners looking for more natural products for their dogs, there are lots of products popping up with herbal ingredients. Chamomile is one of the botanicals that is starting to make an appearance in products designed for dogs. 

You may be wondering what the appeal of chamomile is. Why is it in so many products, and how can it be good for dogs since we’re so used to seeing it in tea? The most important question is, is chamomile safe for your dog?

We’re here to spill the tea on chamomile. We’ll answer the big questions you might have and teach you the fun facts about this popular plant. Keep reading to find out what chamomile is good for, the benefits that can be found in chamomile, and if it really is safe for your dog.  


What Is Chamomile?

You already know that chamomile is a plant. What you might not know is that it is closely related to the daisy! You can find chamomile in everything from fabric detergent to lip balm and of course, tea. Chamomile is a world traveler with its roots in Egypt. Now, it can be found growing in warm climates around the globe.

chamomile flower is chamomile safe for dogs

If you were to see it in the wild, you might mistake it for a daisy with a puffy yellow center. This charming little flower has some pretty amazing benefits. It has been used for centuries for humans; it was essential to ancient Roman and Egyptian medicine and is still regularly used by people everywhere. 

Chamomile is used to soothe stomach trouble, nervousness, and to help aid in peaceful sleep. Chamomile has antibacterial properties along with anti-inflammatory properties that are making researchers take a second look. 

More recent studies, like this one, have shown that chamomile might have benefits in soothing skin conditions like eczema, aiding in wound healing, and even easing symptoms of the common cold.  


Is Chamomile Safe For Dogs?

We’ve established that chamomile is good for humans, but what about dogs?  Are all those dog products touting the use of chamomile really safe for your dog? With all the benefits chamomile has for people, it would be wonderful if we could share those with our pups. The good news is, we can!

Chamomile is safe for dogs, mostly. Just like people, dogs may have certain sensitivities. So while Chamomile is safe for the majority of pups, if your canine suffers from an allergy to daisies or ragweed (another daisy relative), you’ll want to steer clear of chamomile. 

If you aren’t sure, consult your vet before giving your dog anything with an ingredient you are uncertain of. Closely monitor your dog when introducing something new so you are aware of any irritation that may develop. 

If you have a cat, be sure to store all chamomile products safely. While it's great for dogs, chamomile is toxic to cats. 


What Can Chamomile Do For Your Dog?

If your dog is in the majority and can enjoy the benefits of chamomile, there are many ways you can use it.  Some of the things chamomile is recommended for are:

  • Swollen irritated eyes- Placing a cool, damp tea bag on your puppy's eyes can reduce swelling and pain. This can help keep your dog comfortable until you can get them to the veterinarian.
  • Help with gastrointestinal issues- Chamomile can help reduce stomach spasms and gas if your dog has tummy trouble. Only use this after consulting your veterinarian to make sure they are not suffering from a serious condition like bloat.
  • Ease anxiety- Chamomile has a well-known calming effect and is included in a number of anxiety-reducing products. If being used to treat anxiety, chamomile is usually mixed with other calming herbs because its effects are very mild.
  • Treat itchy, irritated skin- You can add a chamomile infusion to the bathwater for your dog to help calm skin irritation. Make sure the water gets through the fur and to the skin if your dog has a dense coat. 


How To Give Chamomile to Your Dog

If you think your dog might benefit from the properties of chamomile, there are a few ways you can introduce it. It can be given orally or topically depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. 

You can make tea and give it to your dog as an infusion. Be sure to ask your vet how much chamomile is best. Specifically, you may want to consult a naturopathic vet who has experience with herbal remedies. 

There are chamomile supplements available for dogs. Some of these are even in the form of treats, making administering them super easy. They will also have dosing instructions on the packaging, really simplifying things. Be sure to carefully store these away and out of reach as too much chamomile can lead to stomach irritation. 

You can diffuse chamomile as an essential oil. For anxiety-prone dogs, an essential oil blend like this one, which also contains soothing lavender, can soothe their nerves. You can use a whole-house diffuser, and enjoy the calming effects yourself, or attach a personal diffuser to their collar. Remember when using essential oils, only use blends that are safe for dogs, like the ones from Fido Fizzies. 

two sleeping calm dogs laying on bed chamomile essential oil

Chamomile can be added to your dog’s bathwater to help combat irritated skin and promote a calming bath time experience.You can add an infusion to their water, or keep things simple and drop in a dog bath bomb. Adding a bath bomb to the water releases a blend of essential oils and herbal ingredients that will create a calming aroma and also sink into their skin, soothing any mild itchiness or irritation. 

Don’t be afraid to introduce your dog to all the benefits of chamomile!

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