Making bath time more fun

Our full line of spa products are the perfect products for any diva dog

Making bath time more bad ass

A relaxing experience for dogs and their parents

Self care isn't just for hoomans, your pup deserves a spa day. Anti anxiety essential oils, bath products to pamper your pooch and give them the self care they deserve.



It's a fun experience and makes bath time less stressful. Hermoine watches as they fizz and it seems to calm her.

- Hermione the Rescue Pup

I love your bath bombs because it makes bathtime that much more fun, we used to resort to small kids bath bombs but have noticed the benefits of Fido Fizzies.

Aria Mae

Fido Fizzies brings bath time to a whole new level! They smell amazing and are so much fun to use! They also are the prettiest looking bath bombs and I have given some as gifts to my friends with doggies.

Maggie Moon Child

Whenever Callie gets red and irritated paws, we always use fido fizzies paw soak!

Jakes Journey