What is a dog bath bomb?

Fido Fizzies dog bath bombs infuse your dog's bath water with a variety of essential oils and skin soothing oils to help make your dog look, smell and soak up the powers of the essential oils. These are similar to a normal bath bomb, that you'd use for yourself, but we've custom tailored the ingredients to those best suited for your pooches needs.

How do I use a dog bath bomb?

To use the dog bath bombs fill up the tub with water.  Drop the Fido Fizzy into the water and enjoy the experience.

Is a dog bath bomb safe for my dog? 

All the basic ingredients are food grade or organic and any additional customized ingredients for the specific variety are either food or therapeutic grade.  Only essential oils that are therapeutic grade and are deemed safe for your pooch.  Just like humans even safe materials for most dogs may have an adverse reaction if your dog is prone for sensitivity.

How are Fido Fizzies made?

All of our products are handmade, in small batches, to make sure your Fido Fizzy meets our high quality expectations. 

What Fido Fizzy is best for my dog?

Based on your dogs unique coat, body and personality we have a fizzy designed for their needs. Using essential oils and other ingredients to help improve your dogs well being, skin and coat, a Fido Fizzy is sure to make bath time a fun experience for you and your pooch.

Refund Policy:

We stand by our products 100% and will offer a no questions asked refund, if you or your pet are not satisfied with our products. Please contact us immediately at store <at> fidofizzies <dot> com and we will refund your purchase.