How often should you dog have a bath?

Most of us have encountered an odor coming from our four-legged friend that is not so great. I know my pups seem to find every opportunity to roll in something that I wished they didn't and now with our new pack member Fiona who is my first light-colored dog she brings getting dirty to a whole new level. Which begs the question…how often should I give my dog a bath?

Some of the factors that adjust the time from bath to bath:

  • *Coloring (Fiona has had three this week alone!)
  • *Coat/Skin type and condition
  • *Coat length (Preventing matting of the fur)
  • *Activeness of your dog and exposure to the outdoors
  • *Allergies and Skin Problems
  • *Your health and comfort-

For example, if you're allergic to pet dander or if your pup tends to bring outdoor allergens into the house, regular baths to clean your pet's coat might help you breathe easier. 

What if your dog has no hair? Hairless breeds like the Chinese crested dog, who lack the skin protection a coat provides, need to be bathed weekly. Dogs who tend to have oily skin, like cocker spaniels and basset hounds, also benefit from more frequent baths to prevent oil buildup on their skin. Overbathing a dog is also a problem because you are removing the natural oils from their skin.

Your pup's bath schedule should be tailored to your dog's situation but some basic advice is about once monthly for a dog with shorter hair that is not prone to matting, has normal activity levels, and is in a typical backyard. If your pup differs from the average which I know my three do, you could always consult your veterinarian or a groomer you visit.

Bottom line- You should wash your dogs when they are no longer huggable. Because pup hugs are the best! Also isn't @bentleyslittleworld the cutest ever- check his account out on Instagram.