8 Totally Dog Safe Bath Bombs

Has the weather been giving your dog dry, itchy skin? Or are you just looking to add some razzle-dazzle to your dog’s bath time routine? Making bath time fun and giving your dog a soft, shiny coat is as easy as tossing in a dog bath bomb! 

Bath bombs for dogs make home baths easier. Just toss one in the water and your bathroom will smell like a high-end spa. A fizzy bath bomb will help make bath time more pleasant for you and more fun for your dog. 

If you aren’t sure how to pick the right bath bomb for your dog, let us give you a hand! We have suggestions for dog safe bath bombs that will address whatever your dog’s hair and skin needs, while giving them that really fancy dog spa feeling. 


8 Dog Safe Bath Bombs

We’re heading out of the cold, moisture-draining season, and heading into the pollen-filled allergy season. If your dog has skin that is driving them crazy with the itch, then the Stop The Itch Dog Bath Bombs are just what they need! They’re made with colloidal oatmeal which helps repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Plus, niaouli oil gives these bath bombs an extra boost with its antiseptic qualities, helping to keep any scratch marks from getting infected. And finally, almond oil adds a moisturizing boost that leaves your dog’s coat soft and shiny. 

Puppy Love isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! It's something we need all year round. Celebrate the love of your puppy by indulging them with this rose-scented bath. Rose oil is perfect for helping your dog relax, and it can help loosen tight muscles and even reduce inflammation, making it a great choice for older dogs with creaky joints. Rose oil also helps make the skin soft and the hair shiny. 

Fido Fizzies Bath Bombs For Dogs Dog Safe Bath Bombs

Does your dog think the best baths are in the mud? If your stinky dog thinks rolling in dead opossum counts as cologne, then you need to get the Dirty Dog bath bomb. Eucalyptus oil has antimicrobial properties that will take care of any germs lurking on your dog. Plus, it can also help prevent ticks from making a meal out of your dog. Eucalyptus won’t just help cleanse your dog. It can also promote a fuller coat… one that won’t smell like a dumpster. 

Get ahead of insect season with bath bombs that help repel insects naturally. Enter: The I Hate Bugs dog bath bomb. Lemongrass, cedarwood, and geranium oils help repel biting insects like fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. But these essential oils are more than just bug repellents. Cedarwood oil also has a relaxing effect and is good for the skin. Geranium oil can help prevent yeast overgrowth. Lemongrass adds a pleasant scent and has antibacterial properties. If your dog is outdoorsy, a bath with the I Hate Bugs Bath Bomb can add an extra layer of defense against bites and stings. 

It doesn’t have to be your dog’s actual birthday to celebrate with Birthday Pup bath bombs. Vanilla and bergamot will leave your dog’s skin soft and smelling fresh. And bergamot oil can help reduce inflammation and promote a sense of calm and wellbeing.  Birthday Pup bath bombs are perfect for a birthday, gotcha day, or any day your dog needs a bath. The blue color will gently tint the water without dyeing your dog, and the sprinkles will make the water look fun and festive! 

If you have a dog that needs to relieve stress, suffers from anxiety, or has an illness, then a soak in Zen Puppy bath bombs is just what they need. Lavender and Roman chamomile help promote relaxation and act as aromatherapy as the warm water helps your pup relax even more. This is one of the original Fido Fizzies dog bath bomb formulas, and we still love the way it can really help calm anxious dogs.

Fido Fizzies Dog Safe Bath Bombs Variety Pack

Don’t worry! If you can’t choose which dog bath bomb to snag, try the Pawfection Variety Pack! It has 8 bath bombs, some of which are currently only available in the variety pack! You’ll get:

  • Birthday Pup
  • Puppy Love
  • Puppy Power
  • Achy Puppy
  • Zen Puppy 
  • Go Fetch
  • Dirty Dog
  • Stop The itch

You might find your new favorite, or you might decide that the variety offered in the Pawfection Pack is just what your dog needs!

Want to try our bestselling dog bath bombs? Try the Preferred Pack! Your pup will get 8 bath bombs, 2 of each of our crowd favorites! The Preferred Pack has:

  • 2 Puppy Love dog bath bombs
  • 2 Zen Puppy dog bath bombs
  • 2 Stop The Itch dog bath bombs
  • 2 Birthday Pup dog bath bombs

Grab this variety pack to make sure you always have whatever your dog needs on hand. Is your dog having a particularly itchy day? Pop a Stop The Itch bath bomb into their bath water. In need of some cheering up? The Birthday Pup bath bomb will totally do the trick!

All of Fido Fizzies dog safe bath bombs are made with therapeutic-grade essential oils and organic botanical ingredients. In fact, the Zen Puppy dog bath bomb was originally formulated for our own dog. Since then, we’ve vowed to give your dog the same quality of product we would expect for our own.

Before you decide on a single set of dog bath bombs or a variety pack, be sure to check out our gift sets! They come with dun dog toys and treats, and some of them contain special bath bomb scents that are only available in the gift packs! These are great for your pup’s Gotcha day, a present for your dog-loving friend, or a ‘just because’ surprise!

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