7 Must-Have Items For An At Home Dog Bath

When you pick your dog up from the groomer, their coat is fluffy, shiny, and they look like they just stepped out of a dog magazine. But when you bathe them at home, the results are definitely a lot more underwhelming. 

Your dog doesn’t need to look like a runway model, but if you’re bathing your dog at home, you definitely want them to look and smell good. Not only that, but you also want to be able to make sure your dog is comfortable, while simultaneously making the job as easy as possible for you!

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Wrestling your dog into the tub, keeping them from jumping out, managing spraying water, tons of hair… these all make bath time just a little more unpleasant.

What you need are the right products to get the job done right. We have 7 MUST-HAVE products to make your dog’s bath time easier on you and safe for your dog. These products will also help you get your dog looking dapper and picture-perfect. 

7 Must-Have Bath Products For Your Dogs Bath


  • Non-Slip Bath Mat - Help your dog feel more comfortable in the tub by giving them a non-slippery surface to stand on. A non-slip bath mat is an at-home bath time essential that will prevent accidents caused by slippery surfaces and skittering dogs. 

  • Amazing Scrubbie Gloves - The gloves in our Bath Essentials Kit will help you get deep into your dog’s coat to scrub and remove loose hair. You’ll love them for reducing the amount of wet hair on your hands and in the tub. And your dog will love the way they feel!

  • Zen Puppy Bath Bombs - Add these bath bombs to your dog’s bath to help ease their bath time anxiety. These are made with lavender and chamomile essential oils that will help melt away your dog’s stress and leave their skin nourished and their coat soft and shiny. 

  • The Doggie Dumper - This is perfect for rinsing your dog, especially if you are using bath treatments. The Doggie Dumper is a key part of our Bath Essentials Kit; this handy tool will ensure that you are able to get treated water to every inch of your dog’s skin. The Doggie Dumper also helps you aim the water away from your dog’s face. Unlike a sprayer, you don’t have to worry about your overly excited dog getting tangled in the Doggie Dumper. 

  • Elevated Dog Bath - If you have a bad back, an elevated dog bath is a lifesaver. This tub is padded and non-slip. You can easily lift a small dog in, but if you have a larger dog, don’t worry. There is a u-shaped opening so your dog can get in and out easily. There are stairs available that are sold separately to make it easier for your dog to climb in. Plus, it folds so it can be conveniently stored.

  • Hair Trap - If you have ever had to snake a drain, then you know why a hair trap is an absolute must-have. This product is especially helpful if you have a dog with longer hair. Place it in the drain to catch your dog’s loose hair and prevent it from clogging your plumbing. 

  • Dog Towel - Most of us are inclined to use old towels when we give our dogs a bath. Instead, use an ultra-absorbent towel, like the Absorber that will quickly pull the water out of your dog’s fur. It will prevent your dog’s hair from tangling and reduce their drying time.
    P.S. Grab the Fido Fizzies Bath Essentials Kit or Paw Spa Pack to cross a lot of these must-have items off of your list. Easy peasy!


    Bath Time Bonus Items

    These items aren’t must-haves per se, but they definitely make your life and your dog’s bath time so much easier. 

    Grooming Apron - Sure you could throw on some sweats, but why not make your dog bath time fun for yourself too? A grooming apron will keep you from getting completely soaked. They also have a pocket so you can keep your dog's treats, nail clippers, and toothbrush with you. 

    Grooming Tote - Keep all your dog’s bath items together with a grooming tote. This will make it easier for you to store them and help keep you super organized. You don’t need to splurge on a fancy caddy, you can also use a plastic bucket or a waterproof basket. 

    Fido Fizzies Pawfection Variety Pack - Treat your dog to a sample of luxury bath bombs. The two of you can decide together which one is your favorite. Or after you’ve used these up, get another variety pack so you always have a variety to choose from.

    A Lick Mat - Grab the Bath Essentials Kit, and in it, you'll find your life saver: a suction cup lick mat! If you are trying to get your dog used to baths at home, this is the product you need. Smear a little peanut butter on it, and it will keep your dog entertained while you bathe them. The lick mat sticks to the side of the tub and is perfect for food-motivated dogs. You can find other types of dog lick-pads for the bath at your local pet store and online.

    Fido Footsies - While you're bathing your dog, don’t forget their paws. Dog’s paw pads can get dry and cracked, so soothe and moisturize their feet with these soothing paw melts. Made with moisturizing ingredients, like shea, cocoa butter, and vitamin E, these will provide a treat for your dog’s feet. 

    Bath time doesn’t need to be a chore. Give these products a try and you’ll see why they’re must-haves for bathing your dog at home. Having the right tools readily available makes bath time so much easier, safer, and cleaner for everyone involved!

    dog lying down after bath happy bath time dog bath time must have items

    Thankfully, with these tools on hand, you don’t have to spend luxury prices to give your dog a luxury experience. You can create the feeling of an upscale doggie day spa in the comfort of your own home. 

    As long as you’re trying out new products, stop by the Fido Fizzies shop. Look around and see if there are any other products you should add to your dog bath kit. All our bath products are made with therapeutic grade essential oils and have been carefully formulated to address the unique needs of canine skin and hair. 

    If you have any questions take a look at our FAQ page, or contact us here!