Fido Fizzies - Pawfection Variety Pack (8) - 8 Unique Dog Bath Bombs

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The Fido Fizzies Pawfection Variety Pack will include one of each of our most popular Fido Fizzy Dog Bath Bombs.

Your pooch will be spoiled with the luxury experiences offered by a spa, all from the comfort of you and your pup's home!

Varieties Included In This Pack:

1 - Birthday Pup - with vanilla essential oil, almond oil and fun birthday sprinkles. 

Make bath time fun with a little party. Delicious smells and fun sprinkles to top it off. 

2 - Puppy Power - Rosemary and lemongrass essential oil, dried rosemary and grape seed oil. 

Help your dog unleash his puppy power with invigorating rosemary and lemon grass scents

3 - Puppy Love - Red and pink candy sprinkles, almond oil and rose essential oil. 

A cute and fun accent at bath time for you and your pup. Show your dog some puppy love with the sweet small of roses during bathtime. 

4 - Achy Puppy - Ginger powder, Himalayan salt, Ginger essential oil, peppermint essential oil, grape seed oil, orange colorant. 

Help your pup soothe aches and pains with a nice soak in the tub. With a Fido fizzy designed to help provide comfort to what is ailing your precious pooch.

5 - Zen Puppy - Almond oil, Lavender oil and roman chamomile oil.

Have your pup take a relaxing and calming bath to leave your puppy as zen as possible.

6 - Go Fetch! - Lemon peel, Lemon zest, Grape Seed oil, lemon and orange essential oil

Give your pooch a natural energy boost with invigorating fruit infusions

7 - Dirty Dog Borax, grape seed oil, eucalyptus and dried eucalyptus 

Help your dirty dog regain a little cleanliness with deep cleaning properties and pet odor fighting eucalyptus.

8 - Stop The Itch Oatmeal pieces, Oatmeal powders, coconut oil and niaouli essential oil.

Help stop the itch with the calming effects of oatmeal and essential oil to help soothe your pups skin.

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