Are Bath Bombs Safe For Dogs?

There is a wide world of bath products out there. We’re not talking about just for people. The world of bath products for dogs is booming. Where there used to be just a few kinds of funky-smelling shampoo, now you can find tons of different scents. 

That’s not all! There are conditioners for dogs now, foot creams, and even toys to help make bath time go a little smoother. If there’s a human product out there, there’s a dog equivalent.

And we think this is a good thing! Our dogs’ skin and coats have important needs, just like human skin and hair. Medical issues and allergies can give your dog skin problems, and different types of fur require different types of care.

With all the products out there, a big question with a lot of them is, are they safe? We all know that there are foods that dogs shouldn’t eat that are perfectly fine for us, but what about bath products? For example, what about a bath bomb? Bath bombs for dogs are a hot, new thing, but aren’t they the same as a human bath bomb? Do you have to get a bath bomb that says it’s “for dogs”?

Let’s deep dive into this topic and answer the big question, “are bath bombs safe for dogs?”

What Is A Bath Bomb?

Let’s start out by talking about bath bombs just in case you aren’t familiar with them. A bath bomb is a mix of ingredients, like baking soda and various oils. You toss it into the water and it fizzes, releasing the ingredients into the bath. 

 Fido Fizzies Dog Bath Bombs

Part of what makes bath bombs so popular is their use of various skin-nourishing ingredients. Essential oils, colloidal oatmeal, and other botanicals are often used in making bath bombs. These ingredients can help moisturize the skin and form a barrier. Some bath bombs contain oils used in aromatherapy to help cause relaxation and ease stress and anxiety. 

Bath Bombs For Dogs

Bath bombs for dogs do the same thing as bath bombs for people. They contain nourishing ingredients that are released into the water. Essential oils like Roman chamomile and lavender can help calm anxiety-ridden dogs. Oatmeal can help with itching, and cedarwood oil can help repel bugs. 

Adding a bath bomb to the water and gently pouring it over your dog helps deliver the ingredients throughout your dog’s skin and coat. Dog bath bombs can make bath time more relaxing and more enjoyable. For more about dog bath bombs check out our full deep-dive blog post here.

So Bath Bombs Are Safe For Dogs?

If a bath bomb is made specifically for dogs, then yes, bath bombs are safe for dogs! The problem is that not all essential oils regularly used in human products are safe for our dogs. Some of them can cause mild irritation and others are actually very toxic. Some common oils that are toxic to dogs include:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Cassia
  • Wintergreen
  • Pine 
  • Clove

(You can find a longer list of essential oils toxic to dogs here.)

Even if a human bath bomb doesn’t seem to have any ingredients that may harm your dog, you should keep it away from them. There may be a toxic carrier oil or essential oil that is not considered an active ingredient and therefore, not listed. 

Bath bombs made for dogs use only dog-safe ingredients. The oils in it will not cause skin irritation or tummy irritation in most dogs if your dog decides to try the water. Of course, all dogs are different, and your dog may have an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient that is safe for other dogs. As always, keep an eye out for problems when trying a new product. 

How Often Can My Dog Use Bath Bombs?

Most dogs don’t need daily baths. Unless your dog makes a habit of rolling in mud or on “trophies” in the yard, dogs can go about 6 weeks between baths. If your dog tends to get a greasy coat or seems to have some dry skin, they may need to bathe more frequently. 

You can toss a bath bomb in any time your dog needs a bath. Dog-safe bath bombs are made with the unique needs of canine skin in mind and should improve skin and coat conditions with repeated use. 

Which Bath Bombs Should I Use For My Dog? 

If your dog has healthy skin and fur, look for a bath bomb that seems fun and has an enjoyable scent. A bath bomb that makes the coat shiny and softens the skin may be all your dog needs. Check out Fido Fizzies Pawfection Variety Pack to see which bath bomb you like best for your dog!

If your dog has specific skin or health concerns, you may want to look for bath bombs that have specific ingredients. Some beneficial essential oils include:

  • Rose- Relaxing and helps to calm itchy skin - Check out these Puppy Love bath bombs for a burst of rose!
  • Lavender- Is often used to treat mild anxiety

Colloidal oatmeal is a common ingredient in dog bath bombs. Colloidal oatmeal is great for dogs and people. It adds a barrier to the skin to prevent moisture from escaping, which is great if your dog suffers from dry, winter skin, has delicate skin due to age or breed, or just tends to be a little dry. 

oatmeal are dog bath bombs safe

If you have an older dog with joint problems and stiffness or a younger dog that is athletic and participates in competitions, you might want a way to ease their aches and pains. A bath bomb with Epsom salts will help reduce their soreness. Fun fact, Epsom salt baths can also help kill fleas

So now you know! Bath bombs are absolutely safe for your dog as long as they’re made for dogs. Ready to snag some bath bombs for your dog’s next bath? Check out the Fido Fizzies shop!