Zen AF Fizzy Fun Pack Gift Set Anti-Anxiety Fragrance

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Paw Diffuser Size
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Does your dog suffer from anxiety?  This set gives you a variety of strategies to help calm your dog in various high anxiety situations.  Bath time, car rides, playtime and even snack time.

This Gift Set Includes:

  • A 2 pack of zen puppy bath bombs
  • Our Figo Fragrance Exclusive Paw Diffuser Collar Charm
  • Zen Puppy Essential OIl to be used with collar diffuser or diffused in a home diffuser.
  • Multipet Aromadog Ring-Body Therapeutic Essential Oil Squeaky Plush Dog Toy
  • Heavenly Hounds Relaxation Bar
  • Zen AF (If you don't know what AF means- google please) bandana
  • Gift Box
  • Free Shipping

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Zen Puppy Bath Bombs 2 bath bombs with dried lavender embellishment and soothing lavender and roman chamomile essential oil to help make bath time a calming experience.

Paw Diffuser Collar Charm Contents include- 2 available sizes of paw diffuser charms (clasp sizes)- S/M and L/XL.  The size of the collar isn't as important as the size of the leash clip.  5 various colored felt pads to drop the essential oil on.  4.75 ml bottle of zen puppy essential oil blend which is derived from lavender and roman chamomile essential oil.

Heavenly Hounds Stress & Anxiety Relief Dog Relaxation Bar is formulated to help support balanced behavior, promote relaxation and reduce occasional hyperactivity. It’s gluten-free and made in the USA with all-natural ingredients. This bar is paw-fect to give to your pet during stress-inducing scenarios like during separation (boarding), travel, storms, fireworks, holidays, and more.  One Bar included in pack.

Key Benefits

  • Made in the USA.
  • Formulated to support balanced behavior.
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Helps reduce occasional hyperactivity.
  • Grain-free formula crafted with all-natural ingredients.

Aroma Dog Toy- One of three designs will be shipped.

Provide your pup with a calming colleague to ease his nerves with Multipet Aromadog Ring-Body Therapeutic Essential Oil Plush Dog Toy. Every time you or your dog squeaks this plush pal, it releases a calming smell of lavender essential oils into the air. Help keep your dog calm on car rides, vet visits, home visitors and much more.. And since it’s made of soft fleece material that is super snuggly for your dog. This toy ships in a variety of fun characters at random for a fun element of surprise!

Key Benefits

  • Releases a calming scent from lavender essential oils whenever squeaked.
  • May help soothe separation anxiety.
  • The perfect companion to relieve stress in situations like vet visits, home visitors, or fireworks.
  • Brings bliss to your furry friend whenever it is needed.
  • Super cuddly plush exterior

 Zen AF Bandana 20x20x27 Inches  Beautiful soft lavender color with the zen symbol in white.  Soft fabric that can be rolled for smaller dogs.

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