Top Essential Oils In Fido Fizzies Dog Bath Bombs

Here at Fido Fizzies, all of our products are handcrafted with LOVE! Each product is specifically formulated and made with your dog’s safety and wellbeing in mind. The truth is, when we’re formulating our Fido Fizzies dog bath bombs, there are some essential oils we just can’t get enough of. Part of that is because of our attention to safety. We want to make sure our products are safe and gentle for your fur baby.

The other reason is that while many essential oils have their unique benefits, there are some oils that have such great benefits we just keep coming back to them. There’s a reason our Zen Puppy bath bombs have stayed so popular, after all. Its amazing essential oil blend has made bath time so much easier for dogs and their parents.

We’re letting you in behind the scenes! We’re going to tell you all about the top essential oils in Fido Fizzies bath bombs. We’ll also let you know why these oils are some of our all-time favorites. Let’s dive right in!

Our Top Essential Oils

These oils didn’t make it to the top just because they smell nice… although the aroma they have does certainly make bath time less of a chore. These powerhouse essential oils address concerns that many dog owners have and make bathtime about more than just spraying down a stinky dog. They serve a much greater purpose. And there’s truly something for everyone in our Fido Fizzies shop!

Here are some of the essential oils we use most in our Fido Fizzies dog products:



Lavender is universally one of the most popular essential oils, and that’s no surprise to us. Lavender smells amazing and is one of the few essential oils that isn’t just safe to diffuse around dogs… it’s safe for cats as well!

lavender lavender essential oil

Lavender has been shown to lower anxiety levels, which makes it perfect for bath time since baths can be stressful for dogs and their people. Lavender essential oil has demonstrated antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as the ability to reduce inflammation. Lavender itself may be a delicate flower, but lavender essential oil can’t be beat when it comes to its benefits and uses.

Roman Chamomile

You’ll notice that Roman chamomile essential oil often goes hand in hand with Lavender essential oil. This is due to the many complimentary benefits these two oils share. You’ll find a beautiful blend of Roman chamomile and lavender in our Zen Puppy products

Roman chamomile is another essential oil that has demonstrated anxiety-fighting powers. Roman chamomile essential oil can also help soothe an achy tummy. A soak in Roman chamomile can help ease arthritis pain in older dogs. It’s also demonstrated value as a sleep aid. Roman chamomile and lavender essential oils combined definitely make a dynamic duo.


You’ll see this essential oil on the ingredients list for bath bombs meant to help prevent dry itchy skin, like our Stop the Itch bath bombs. Niaouli oil acts as an antihistamine and reduces inflammation. This, in turn, reduces itchiness. It also has antibiotic properties, which is helpful if your dog has hot spots or other skin irritations that could lead to an infection. Niaouli essential oil is often paired with colloidal oatmeal since colloidal oatmeal helps repair the skin’s natural barriers.


Extracted from the bark of cedar trees, this is an oil that gets most of its use in warmer months when pests start becoming a nuisance. Cedarwood essential oil acts as a natural insect repellent and has the side benefit of clearing up flakey skin. Cedarwood essential oil also has an anti-itch effect which makes it perfect for use during the buggy season. Cedarwood is one of the essential oils used in the I Hate Bugs bath bombs.


Another natural bug repellent, lemongrass has been shown to repel ticks. It has antifungal and antibiotic properties and helps promote skin health. There is some evidence to suggest that it also helps promote better GI health. Lemongrass essential oil can also act as a mood booster, leaving you with a happier dog. You will find lemongrass essential oil paired with cedarwood essential oil in our fan favorite I Hate Bugs bath bombs.


Hey, vanilla isn’t just for cooking. We use it in our Birthday Pup bath bombs because there is nothing like that birthday cake smell. Vanilla essential oil has some pretty cool benefits. It’s been shown to help reduce nervous anxiety in dogs and has shown some anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it’s shown some ability to reduce fevers! We love vanilla!

Why Choose Fido Fizzies Dog Bath Bombs?

Now that we’ve shared our top oils, you might be wondering why you should stick with Fido Fizzies. It’s simple. After all, we’re the industry leader for a reason.

Not all essential oils are high quality, and a poor quality lavender oil isn’t going to give your dog the benefits you’re looking for. Not all dog bath bombs have the care put into them that Fido Fizzes bath bombs do.

Fido Fizzies Dog Bath Bombs With Essential Oils

We don’t just throw any old essential oils in our bath bombs and call it a day. We use therapeutic-grade essential oils and organic and food-grade ingredients. Our bath bombs are also made in small batches to ensure quality control and oversight. You can trust that every bath bomb we make is something we would use on our own dogs. As a matter of fact, Zen Puppy was first formulated to help ease anxiety in one of our own pups!

Are you ready to see what our bath bombs can do to make bath time more relaxing and fun for your own dog? Visit the Fido Fizzies shop to explore our variety of dog bath bombs.

Or try one of our variety packs so you can see which bath bomb works best for you and your dog!

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