Are Bath Bubbles Bad For Dogs?

It’s basically a fact. Dogs love bubbles. If you’ve ever blown bubbles and watched your dog chase them across the yard… you know. Or if you have ever run yourself a bubble bath and watched your dog attempt to go nose first right into the bubbles. As responsible dog owners, the same thought runs through our heads whenever we see our dogs try to eat something weird, “is that safe?”

dog with bubbles are bubbles safe for dogs


It’s not just eating the bubbles that raises questions. Is it safe for dogs to be in bubbles at all? After all, a lot of additives in human products are unsafe, so are bath bubbles unsafe too? Whether you’re adding liquid bubble bath to your tub or a fun, fizzy bath bomb, you’re wondering, “are the things that cause the bubbles to form somehow damaging to dogs?”

You have questions, and we have answers. Today let’s talk about one of the big questions surrounding dog bath time. Are bath bubbles bad for dogs?


Are Bath Bubbles Bad For Dogs?

Let’s get right down to business and answer the question. Are bath bubbles bad for dogs? The answer to that question is sometimes. 

If you are trying to get your dog used to baths, and you think bubbles might be fun, you’re off to a great start! We love finding ways to make bath time more enjoyable for your dog.

Here’s what you need to know first. Remember wanting a bubble bath as a little kid, and the only thing on hand was dish soap? Remember how great the bubbles were, but how dry you felt afterward? That’s because dish soap is made to strip fat and oil away from dishes. In your bathtub, it stripped the moisture right out of your skin and left you feeling kind of dry.

That’s what happens when human products are used on dogs. In addition to ingredients that are potentially toxic, human soaps are just too harsh. A dog’s skin has a different pH level than ours; human skin is much more acidic than canine skin. 

Maybe you’re surfing the web and find a DIY dog shampoo recipe with dish soap. Dish soap bubbles up well, and people are recommending it, so is that safe? The answer to that is a resounding no! Unless your dog has fallen in an oil slick, dish soap can absolutely wreak havoc on a dog’s skin and coat. We mentioned how it can rip the moisture out of human skin. Imagine what it will do to a dog’s much more delicate skin. It can take months and sometimes a major haircut to return things to normal.

dog bathtub bubbles are bath bubbles safe for dogs


But you’re not completely out of luck. Your dog can’t take a bath in big, soapy, fluffy bubbles like we do. They can, however, take a foaming bath if it’s formulated specifically for dogs. The bubbles in a foaming bath designed for dogs are gentle and made of ingredients that won’t ruin the moisture barrier of your dog’s skin. 


Safe Bubble Bath Products For Dogs

Don’t worry! If you are hoping to make your dog’s bath time a little more enticing (or luxurious), there are products made just for dogs.

Try a dog bath bomb! Dog bath bombs release bubbles as they dissolve in the bath. They also smell much more enticing than regular dog shampoo. Because of the essential oils in the bath bombs, you can even use a dog bath bomb to reduce bath time anxiety! Try something like Zen Puppy, which features lavender and chamomile to reduce bath time anxiety. This totally dog safe bath bomb is loaded with beneficial ingredients that won’t strip your dog’s skin.

If you have a particularly itchy dog, try the Stop The Itch Soothing Bath Soak. The foam in this soothing bath helps distribute the moisturizing ingredients so they can get to every nook and cranny of your itchy pup. Plus, the antiseptic properties of the essential oils in this bath soak help heal the skin and reduce inflammation. 

If you’re just looking for something to make bath time more fun and provide a more sensory experience for your dog, try a variety pack of dog bath bombs. You can see which scents your dog responds the best to and which varieties you think offer the most benefit to your dog. 

Making Bath Time Interesting For Your Dog

If your main goal with trying a bubble bath for your dog is to try and make bath time more fun, there are a few tricks you can try in addition to using a dog safe foaming bath product like those in the Fido Fizzies shop. 

  • Get a lick mat (you can find one in our Bath Essentials Kit) to distract your dog in the tub. These are rubber mats that suction cup to the side of the bathtub. You can smear cheese or peanut butter on the lick mat, and your dog will be entertained and get a treat while getting clean. 
  • If you don’t have a bath time lick mat you can go old-school. Just smear some peanut butter on the bathtub wall. This will require some clean-up, but it will absolutely work in a pinch.
  • Keep special treats or toys handy. While you work on your bath time routine, designate certain treats or toys specifically for bath time. This will keep them novel for your dog, teaching him to associate them only with bath time. Getting access to this treat or toy only at bath time gives your dog a pleasant association with bath time that can make it much easier for both of you. 

So go ahead and treat your dog to a bubble bath! Just make sure any product you use is labeled for dogs. Make bath time a treat for your dog by using appropriate products and getting them used to the routine. For more ideas on how you can get your dog on board with bath time, take a look here for 5 tips you can implement today!