Are Bath Bombs Toxic To Dogs?

We love to pamper our dogs. They aren’t just pets or working animals. They’ve grown to be our sidekicks, best friends, and family.. This is why there are so many fancy pet care products available now. We want our dogs to live the high life and have every fancy collar and cute toy that they could possibly want. 

This is definitely reflected in dog grooming products. There are dozens of varieties of shampoos, creme rinses, and even dog perfumes. You can get dog bubbles, toys to keep them occupied in the bath ( hese are one of the best inventions ever), special absorbent dog towels, and even dog bath bombs!

French Bulldog with dog bath towel

Bath bombs have been pretty popular amongst people who love a luxurious bath for a few years. Filled with essential oils and moisturizing ingredients, they make a regular bath feel like a spa experience. But are they really safe for dogs? After all, they contain essential oils, and aren’t those supposed to be toxic to pets? 

You’ve come to the right place for answers. We’ll answer the big question, “are bath bombs toxic to dogs?” and talk about what makes them so darn appealing! Let’s get started!


What Are Bath Bombs?

If you haven’t hopped on the bath bomb craze, you’re probably wondering what they are. Bath bombs are hard balls that you drop in your bathwater. Once they get wet, they begin to fizz and dissolve, releasing soothing oils and fantastic smells. Some of them even color the water and are filled with flower petals.

Bath bombs aren’t just pretty to smell and look at. They are also used as a vehicle to deliver skin conditioning ingredients, like nourishing oils, and botanicals. They may contain soothing ingredients like Epsom salts or skin healing colloidal oatmeal. They look good, smell good, and make your skin feel good… all in one small product.

So Are Bath Bombs Toxic To Dogs?

While you definitely don’t want to use a human bath bomb in your dog’s bath, not all bath bombs are toxic to dogs. Just look for bath bombs made specifically for dogs. Dog bath bombs are made with ingredients that are dog safe. The essential oils used will be dog-safe and properly diluted so as to avoid any irritation. 


Why Use Dog Bath Bombs?

You can find a dog bath bomb that is helpful for addressing many of the concerns you might have for your dog. There are bath bombs that help soothe itchy skin, deep clean a very stinky dog, and some that just smell good and moisturize the skin. 


Bath bombs for dogs can make bath time more relaxing. If you have a dog that doesn’t care for baths, using bath bombs that include lavender or chamomile essential oils can help calm your dog. These oils can also be useful for calming dogs that are prone to anxiety or nervousness. 

Nontoxic Dog Safe Bath Bombs

Dog bath bombs are made specifically for the delicate skin of dogs. They are gentle enough to be used every time your dog takes a bath. With regular use, you will start to see the benefits dog bath bombs have for your dog’s skin and coat. You may even see your dog start to enjoy bath time!


How To Use A Dog Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are easy to use, but of course, you want your dog to get the full benefit of the ingredients. You don’t want to waste one if your dog is just going to go flying out of the tub. It might take some patience, but work with your dog to help him get used to bath time. 

You can make it easier by having all of your dog’s bath equipment in an easy-to-reach place. Dissolve the bath bomb in lukewarm water, and coax your dog into the tub. Bribe your dog with treats to start making pleasant associations. Give your dog time to get used to the new smells from the essential oils. The scents might confuse your dog or be overwhelming at first. 

A lick mat, like the one in our Fido Fizzies Bath Essentials Kit, suction cupped to your bathtub wall is useful in getting a reluctant dog to start enjoying a bath. Cover it with peanut butter, and it’s sure to make a great distraction while you pour the bath bomb-infused water over your dog and let the essential oils do their work. 

Be sure to watch for sensitivities. Even if an ingredient is considered “safe” for dogs, different dogs have different reactions. If you notice any irritation, stop using the product.


How To Pick A Bath Bomb For Your Dog

Before selecting a dog bath bomb, look at the ingredients list. The ingredients in the bath bomb should be clearly listed, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your dog. Make sure the grade of oils used in the bath bomb is clearly stated; don’t accept anything less than organic ingredients and therapeutic grade oils. 

Next, decide what you want your dog to get out of bath time. Are you trying to soothe an anxious dog? Do you have a highly active dog that is constantly covered in dirt and muck? Does your dog have sensitive skin or allergies that require gentle ingredients and moisture? Find a company that has a variety of bath bombs, addressing the grooming needs of different dogs. Dogs are individuals, and their bath products should reflect that!

Fido Fizzies is just what you’re looking for. We aren’t the industry leader for nothing! Our dog bath bombs are made of high-quality ingredients and therapeautif essential oils. We make our products in small batches so we can be certain of their quality.

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If you are overwhelmed with choices, order a variety pack. The Fido Fizzies Preferred Pup Pack has a sample of all of our most popular bath bombs. There is something in there for every pup, and you’re sure to find something you and your dog will love.