Our best bath bomb for summer!

As a new dog mom or one that has been around the block a few times finding a bug or the aftermath of a bug on your pup.  Our I hate bugs bath bomb is packaged with essential oils that will help keep bugs away.  Cedarwood essential oil, lemongrass and Geranium will help coat your dogs skin during bath time and have the scent of these bug deterring oils to keep the bugs away.  Imbedded in the paws of the bath bomb is dried lemon grass for extra absorption and an amazing scent during bath time.

If you have plans to go outside for a walk or a little playtime consider a bath around that time and use one of our I Hate Bugs bath bombs for some extra protection when you need it most.

I hate bugs is available in our pawfection 8 pack of bath bombs.  Try some this summer for added protection and a great way to get rid of he wet dog smell.