Why You Need A Dog Bath Bomb In Your Dog’s Bath Time Routine

So you’re starting your dog on an at-home bathing routine! With the right tools and some practice, you can save on grooming costs and keep your dog looking and smelling great. You’ve found moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, invested in a hose attachment to make rinsing easier, and found a lick mat to keep your dog occupied in the tub. 

You’re only missing one thing… a dog bath bomb! 

You’re probably thinking “Great. One more product to use.” But hear us out. A dog bath bomb is the perfect product to make your dog’s bath routine easier and more enjoyable!

dog in bathtub add dog bath bomb to dog's bath routine


A dog bath bomb will elevate your dog’s bath routine to the next level. A dog bath bomb isn’t just about adding color to the water and adding some fun,fizzy bubbles. Dog bath bombs offer lots of benefits to your dog’s coat and skin. Want to know more? Keep reading to learn why you need to add a dog bath bomb to your dog’s bath routine. 


What Is A Dog Bath Bomb?

If you’re a bath fan then you’ve probably used a bath bomb for yourself. You know how much more relaxing a bath can be with the addition of a bath bomb. And you know just how soothing they feel on your skin. 

A bath bomb for dogs does the same thing! Just looking at it, you can’t tell the difference because a dog bath bomb is just like one for a person… with a major difference. Anything that is toxic to dogs has been removed to make it totally dog safe! You won’t have to worry about your dog drinking some of the water or about drying or irritating your dog’s skin.

A dog bath bomb is made with dog-safe essential oils and botanicals. There is a huge variety of bath bombs for dogs available to meet a number of skin concerns. A high-quality dog bath bomb is a must in your dog’s bath time kit. 

What Makes Dog Bath Bombs Great?

The ingredients that go into a dog bath bomb are what make them a necessary addition to bath time. Colloidal oatmeal, for example, soothes dry skin and helps keep in moisture. And essential oils can have amazing, unique benefits. 

Oils like:

  • Lavender- It smells great and can help relax an anxious dog who isn’t excited about bath time. Lavender has antibiotic and anti-microbial properties and can be helpful in relieving itchy irritated skin.
  • Roman Chamomile- Roman chamomile is another anxiety-relieving essential oil. It can act as a mild anti-inflammatory and can help reduce skin inflammation. 
  • Lemongrass and Cedarwood- These oils work as natural insect repellents. 
  • Helichrysum- This oil can help relieve aches from bumps and bruises and can help alleviate joint aches. 

Why Use A Dog Bath Bomb?

So why do you need to start using dog bath bombs in your dog’s bath routine?


  • To relieve anxiety- If your dog is anxious due to illness, a life change, or just doesn’t like baths, a bath bomb is a great way to help them relax and enjoy bath time. 
  • To repel insects- Insect infestation can be a nightmare to deal with. Even with routine flea preventatives, your dog can still get ticks and other bugs. A bath bomb with insect repelling essential oils adds another layer of protection. 
  • To provide relief from irritated skin- If your dog has inflamed itchy skin, the ingredients in a dog bath bomb can help calm the itch and reduce inflammation. The anti-bacterial properties of some essential oils can also help prevent infection caused by scratching and biting. 
  • To ease aches and pains- If you have an older dog suffering from arthritis or a younger athletic dog, a warm soak can help relax tight muscles and relieve joint aches. A bath bomb with an essential oil like helichrysum can help reduce the ache and manage your dog’s discomfort. 
  • To make your dog’s coat soft- Your dog’s coat will certainly get a shine boost with a dog bath bomb. Your dog will feel amazing and look like they just came from the groomer. 
  • To make bath time fun- If you’re relaxed during your dog’s bath time, your dog will be more relaxed. A dog bath bomb will make the bath feel like a spa. With a dog bath bomb, you can make bath time an experience your dog will actually enjoy. 
  • They’re easy to use- Just toss it in the water and you’re done! No having to measure out products or worrying about using too much. Bath bombs are carefully measured out and pressed into shape. Use a pitcher to pour the treated water over your dog, so they can get every bit of benefit from the ingredients. 


How To Find The Best Bath Bomb For Your Dog

When it comes to products for your dog, you only want to use the best. Especially when it comes to products containing essential oils. There’s a reason why Fido Fizzies is the industry leader. We care about your dogs as though they were our own dogs. Our goal is to make sure both you and your dog are safe and happy when using our products.

Fido Fizzies Dog Bath Bombs Puppy Love Dog Bath Bomb


We only use organic, food-grade botanicals and carrier oils as well as therapeutic-grade essential oils. We put lots of thought into every bath bomb formula we release. We want bath time to be a relaxing experience for your dog, and you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the ingredients in your dog’s bath products are safe. That’s why we stand behind every product we sell through our Happy Dog Guarantee.

Ready to give dog bath bombs a try? It’s simple. But first, make sure you know how to use a dog bath bomb. Give this blog post a read to get familiar with the steps. Spoiler alert: there are just a few steps!

If you want to know more about us and how Fido Fizzies became the leader in the dog bath bomb industry, check out our about page.