We want to feature you!


We love to share our customers pictures and stories.  Our customers and how are products integrate in their life is hands down the most fulfilling part of our business.  From hearing about how our bath soak made their pups paws less itchy and they stopped chewing on them, we made bath time so much fun and bath time smelled so much better.  Whatever your story we would love to hear it and feature your cutie on our social media or our newsletter.  

Your feedback makes a difference.  With feedback we can make our products the best they can be and make an even bigger difference in our customers lives.

Here are some ways you can share your pups pics or feedback!

  • Instagram DM
  • Facebook Messager DM
  • Tag us on social
  • Email- jeni@fidofizzies.com

We can't wait to see the pics of your bath time fun.  You are the backbone of our business and we appreciate you.  We are grateful to be a part of your pups wellness routine.  Every time we get an order we do a little happy dance.


PS:  Calling all dog mamma's we also have a little feature called #dogmommonday  and would love to feature a pic of you and your cutie.