The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dog Lovers

It’s time to get ready for the holiday of chocolate and love. Another Valentine’s Day is here! If that special person in your life is a dog lover, keep reading because we’ve got some pro tips to make shopping so much easier this year!

Unsure of what to get the dog obsessed person in your life this Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you’ve decided that this year your dog is the only date you need, and you feel like treating yourself to something your dog can enjoy too. We’re onto something! Why not make the holiday of love all about the one who loves you unconditionally: your dog?

Make this Valentine’s Day for the dogs, and focus on gifts that spotlight the one you can always depend on. We have fun gift ideas that the dog-loving love of your life will squeal over. Don’t worry if you decide to gift yourself something from this list. You deserve it! Keep reading to get ideas for the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dog Lovers.


Valentine Gifts For Dog Lovers

Love Your Pup Fun Pack

Fido Fizzies Valentine's Day Love Your Pup Fun Pack Valentine's Day Gift For Dogs Valentine's Day Dog Bath BombShow the one you love that you know their heart belongs to their dog with this fun gift set. It comes with 4 Puppy Love dog bath bombs that will have your partner’s pet smelling like roses! You’ll also find a heart-shaped chew toy and a heart-covered bandana so their dog can wear their owner’s heart around their neck. Showering (or bathing) their puppy with love will be the quickest way to their heart.

Conversation Cuties Fun Pack

This one's for all the cuties out there! The Conversation Cuties Fun Pack makes the perfect gift for the cutest fur baby around. Inside the pack you'll find 2 Puppy Love dog bath bombs, A "Cutie Pie" dog biscuit, a surprise squeaker toy, and an adorable bandana with sweet little Valentine's Day messages.

Conversation Cuties Dog Mom Shirt

Grab a gift pack to treat the dog lover in your life but don't forget to get them something just for them. The comfy, adorable Conversation Cuties Dog Mom Shirt is the perfect uniform for bath time!


Melts Hearts- Hot Cocoa Gift Set 

Nothing can defrost a cold heart like a warm cup of cocoa with marshmallows. Unless it’s the sight of your precious pooch sporting a cute bandana! This sweet gift set comes with 2 toasted marshmallow scented bath bombs, a bandana, a “chocolate” dog cookie (don’t worry, it’s not chocolate), and a squishy hot cocoa cup complete with smiling fuzzy marshmallows. Nothin’ says lovin’ like hot chocolate and sweet puppy cuddles on a cold day. 

Macho Mutt Fun Pack

Does your gal pal love a handlebar mustache? Do you go giddy for a gentleman who enjoys a pipe and can throw down a steak like a champ? Does your date have a dog that looks like a funny little gentleman (French Bulldog, anyone?) If your Valentine’s dog looks like he enjoys craft beers and knows how to age and dry rub a steak, give them the gift of the giggles when you present them with the Macho Mutt Fun Pack. It comes complete with 2 Macho Mutt bath bombs that will leave your pup smelling of masculine sandalwood, a steak chew toy, a mustache squeaker, a mustache treat, and, of course, a ‘Bitches Love Me’ bandana. 

Pampered Pooch Fun Pack

Show your love that you want them to be able to treat their dog like a queen for a day. Perfect for the dainty princess or large imposing queen, this fun pack will have them smelling and looking like royalty. Ideal for posing for Dogs of Instagram, this pack has bath bombs to get any dog picture perfect. Plus, you’ll find a perfume bottle toy, a fluffy ladylike tutu, a crown to establish who the real HBIC (Head B In Charge) is, and of course, a sparkly pearl necklace. In small, medium, or large, your Valentine will have a blast dressing up and showing off their pampered pooch. 

Spicy AF Fun Pack

Fall isn’t just a season. It’s a state of mind. If you know your date is counting the days until fall comes again, help her feel like it’s the season for Ugg Boots and Pumpkin Spice. Treat her to her favorite season with this gift pack that will have her dog decked out in fall colors and smelling like a pumpkin patch. This fun pack summons that autumnal feeling with 2 salted caramel bath bombs, a bandana that sports the motto of Fall girls everywhere (“Spicy AF”), pumpkin spice-themed dog cookies, a smooshy pumpkin, and of course, a squishy latte. Combining her favorite season with her favorite little pal will have things heating up for you like it’s summer. 

Dogicorn Fun Pack

Fido Fizzies Dog Bath Bombs Dogicorn Fun Pack Gift Set For Dog LoversWhy not combine Valentine’s Day and dogs with unicorns and rainbows for the ultimate combination of cute? Make Valentine’s Day a little more magical with Dogicorn bath bombs that will leave the stinkiest doggo smelling like a cloud of cotton candy. Plus, with your set, you also get a dogicorn horn for looking adorable in pictures, a cuddly squeaky unicorn, a rainbow dog cookie, and to really complete it, a fun rainbow unicorn bandana. Posing for pictures or walking down the street, everyone will see how magical her dog is, and your significant other will see that you understand how magical her dog is too. Insider tip: The bath bombs in this set are one of our most popular items and can only be found in the Dogicorn Fun Pack!

Zen AF Gift Set

Have you been trying and failing to bond with your better half’s dog because he has a little bit of anxiety? This might be your in with the dog and the deal sealer with your Valentine. The Zen AF Gift Set is meant for the anxious dog with Zen Puppy bath bombs made with lavender and chamomile to help calm the nerves and settle anxiety. You’ll also get a set of Zen Puppy essential oils that can be used in a collar charm or in a diffuser, the collar charm, an aromatherapy ring soft toy, a Heavenly hounds relaxation bar, and a bandana so the world can know when a pup has reached the state of Zen AF. A calm and happy dog is the ultimate Valentine’s gift. You’ll have a happy partner and a new best pal!

So what do you say? Thinking you’ll take our advice and get straight to what your Valentine cares about most: their dog? This list of gifts is an absolute no-brainer for the dog lover in your life! They’ll love how thoughtful and fun the gift is, scoring you major, major points!