The Best Bath Bombs For Dogs

So you want to try some fun bath products for your dog! You’ve heard about how great bath bombs are, but now you’re overwhelmed with choices. How do you choose? You want to find a high quality bath bomb for your dog, but you also want to know exactly what the benefits are. 

Bath bombs can make bath time easier, especially if you’re turning to home grooming. Finding the perfect bath bomb for your dog doesn’t need to be an extra chore. Picking out just the right one for your dog can be fun… once you know what you’re looking for. 

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We’ve put together a little cheat sheet to help you find the best bath bombs for dogs. Not just in general but for your dog in particular. Since every dog is different, the best bath bombs for each dog will be different. Keep reading to learn more!

How Do You Know If A Dog Bath Bomb Is Good Quality?

When you look for products for your dog, of course, you want products that are safe and that won’t cause scary side effects. You want to know exactly what is in it, so you can decide if it is something that will work for your dog. Most importantly, you want to know that you spent your money on a quality product. 

When you look for bath bombs for your dog, make sure you can see what kind of ingredients were used. Find a bath bomb that only uses natural, therapeutic-grade essential oils and organic botanicals. Why is this important?

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are pure and will not contain traces of pesticides or other harmful additives. Natural oils come from a plant and aren’t petroleum-based phonies. 

Since dogs have a habit of tasting their bath water, you need to know that the products you are putting in their water are safe. If your dog is drinking colloidal oatmeal, you’ll be less worried than if he’s lapping up a bath of unknown chemicals. 

What Do Essential Oils Do For Your Dog?

Essential oils are totally natural and are extracted from plants. They can be extracted from the roots, leaves, bark, and even the seeds. Since essential oils retain the “essence” of the plant, they can contain some of the same helpful properties. This is why they are used in so many bath and aromatherapy products. 

Different essential oils have different properties. Some of them help ease anxiety. Others are helpful for easing aches and pains. Some can help repel insects, and some can even help stomach problems. 

But beware! Not all essential oils are safe for dogs. Make sure you only purchase bath bombs and other essential oil products from a shop that specializes in dog products. For a list of some safe and unsafe oils, check out our blog about introducing essential oils to your dog. 

What Other Things Make A Dog Bath Bomb Good?

There are a few other ingredients that take a bath bomb from just making a nice-smeling fizzy bath for your dog to creating an actual spa-like experience. 

  • Colloidal Oatmeal- Oatmeal is in a lot of skincare products and for good reason! It helps moisturize, soothe itchy skin, and rebuild the skin’s protective barrier. A bath bomb with colloidal oatmeal will rehydrate your dog’s skin and help keep it supple and smooth. 

  • Epsom Salts- If you have sore, tired muscles, nothing beats an Epsom salt bath. Soaking in Epsom salts can relieve muscle aches from overwork, injury, or arthritis, and it can also help to reduce swelling. If you have an older dog, an athletic pup, or if you and your dog have been walking a lot, working on your fitness, your dog can totally benefit from a soak in Epsom salts.

  • Almond Oil- Almond oil does a few things in a bath bomb. It helps the bath bomb hold its shape, acts as a carrier oil for the essential oils, and serves as a conditioner. A touch of almond oil softens your pup’s hair leaving it soft and shiny.

  • Which Bath Bomb is Right For Your Dog?

    Before you buy a bath bomb for your dog, think about what you want to accomplish. Are you just looking for something that smells good, that will leave her fur soft and shiny? Does your dog have anxiety, especially at bath time, and you’re trying to help him work through it? Or maybe they have a skin issue and they’re irritated from scratching. 

    Whatever the issue, there’s a bath bomb that’s perfect for your dog. Just take a look at the ingredients to see if the bath bomb has ingredients that are right for your dog’s needs. 

  • Itchy Skin- Look for a bath bomb that contains colloidal oatmeal and an essential oil like rose or niaouli oil. Rose oil and colloidal oatmeal can stop itching. Niaouli oil helps heal the marks left by biting and scratching at irritated inflamed skin. 

  • Anxiety- Lavender is well known for its calming properties. Used in conjunction with other oils, like Roman Chamomile, the aroma can help soothe the nerves and reduce anxiety. 

  • Insect Repelling- Lemongrass is used in natural insect repellents. Combined with other oils like geranium and cedarwood, you have a natural insect repellent to help keep your dog bug-free in the warmer months.

  • Your dog doesn’t need to have a reason, like a skin condition, to use a bath bomb. Add a bath bomb to your dog’s bath to create a pleasant atmosphere. Toss one in just to help keep her coat shiny and to make her feel pampered, spoiled, and like a million bucks! Every dog can benefit from a bath bomb! 

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