How To Use A Dog Bath Bomb For A Dog That Doesn’t Like Baths

Have you considered switching to home grooming to save money, or time, but you can’t because your dog really hates baths? Do they run? Hop right out of the tub? Require a team of 50 strong men? Or, and somehow this is the worst of all, howl miserably while shaking in the water?

The most confusing, and mildly irritating part, is when your dog acts like bath time is a torture session, while merrily jumping in a puddle or swimming in the lake. Clearly they aren’t afraid of water, so what gives? 

There are all kinds of reasons why your dog might not like being bathed… the texture of the tub, bad memories, the feeling of confinement. You and the stress you feel around bathing your dog may even be the source of your dog’s fear. 

dog bath bomb dog doesnt like baths


If you have a dog that you don’t get to bathe at home, you’re really missing out on some great dog bath products. Believe it or not, dog bath bombs are a great addition to a dog’s bath routine. But how are you supposed to use one if your dog won’t dip a toe in the tub? Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Bath bombs can actually be helpful in getting your scaredy-cat dog to relax in the bath. You can read more about dog bath bombs here. We’ve also put together a guide of ways you can start getting your dog to let go of some of his fear around bath time. Ready? Let's splash in!


Using A Dog Bath Bomb For Your Bath-Hating Dog

Bath bombs do more than just fizz and look pretty. A dog bath bomb, like a Fido Fizzies bath bomb, is filled with beneficial ingredients. These ingredients help your dog’s skin and coat and can even have some added bonuses like repelling insects. Did you know that dog bath bombs can help reduce stress too? 

If there is a lot of stress surrounding bath time, you need to address it and create a soothing environment that won’t get your dog’s hackles up. A bath bomb made with calming ingredients can help. In fact, our first product, the Zen Puppy bath bomb, was formulated specifically to ease anxiety in our sick dog. This same formula remains popular for its ability to reduce anxiety and calm the nerves of anxious dogs. 

Try using one of these bath bombs to make the bath environment more pleasant. The lavender and chamomile blend won’t just calm your dog, it will help keep you in a calmer frame of mind, which your dog will totally sense. 

Easing Your Dog Into Bath Time

Unfortunately, just tossing your dog into the tub is not effective in getting them to like baths. Fortunately, you can get even the most fearful dog to accept bath time… it just takes a lot of work and a little bribery. 

Start by placing a non-slip mat in the tub. Fear of slipping and feeling unsteady is a major reason some dogs hate bath time. With the tub empty, place your dog inside, and give him a treat. This step is all about building pleasant associations. Keep trying this until your dog will willingly go in the empty tub. 

Next add a little water. Your dog will probably hop in and hop right back out. If he stays in, it’s treat time! Let him get out after a minute, and slowly build up time. Don’t try introducing shampoo or actual bathing yet. Working towards it slowly will pay off in the end. 

If your dog seems like things are getting to feel routine, start slowly scooping water over him while he stands in the tub. An easy trick for getting your dog to tolerate this better, is to add a suction cup lick matt covered in cheese or peanut butter. This will distract your dog so you can get him used to the idea that he’ll get wet in the tub. Don’t have a lick mat? You can grab one in our Bath Essentials Kit.

Once your dog seems to be settling in, it’s time to add a bath bomb. This is adding a new scent, so your dog may be confused at first. Give your dog time to adjust to the new smells in the water. Have the lick mat attached to the wall to further entice your dog. As long as you stay calm, your dog will know there is nothing to worry about, and they should enter the tub. Scoop the treated water over your dog, so they get the full benefit of the essential oils. 

The aromatherapy aspect of the essential oil blend should help relax your dog and help relieve any anxiety they may still have had around bath time. 

This may take a little bit, but by the end, you will have established a routine! Most dogs only need a bath every 4-6 weeks, so it may take a while to work up to this point. You can work on it once a week until your dog is fully adjusted. 

Even though the process can be slow and frustrating, don’t get aggravated with your pup. You’re working on building up happy thoughts about bath time, and reacting negatively can cause a set back. For tips on how you can make bath time easier on yourself check out our bathing tips here

To ease your stress and frustration, try introducing some aromatherapy. The same oil blend that is in our relaxing bath bomb, Zen Puppy, is available in an oil that you can diffuse around your house. Start diffusing before bath time, or any time, to relieve any tension you might be feeling. Doing this will also help your dog get used to the scent before it’s introduced in her bath water. 

Fido Fizzies Zen AF Anti Anxiety Dog Bath Bomb Kit

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