How To Pick The Best Christmas Gift For Your Dog

We know that our dogs will love whatever we give them as a gift. But that’s kinda what makes shopping for them so hard. Our dogs love us unconditionally, and we just want to give them something that shows how important they are to us. 

Your dog deserves something fun. Something that suits his or her personality. Something that will improve their life and help keep them healthy and happy. 

dog with christmas gift and tree the best christmas gift for your dog

Don’t forget about Fido Fizzies dog bath products when you’re shopping this year! Our bath products for dogs smell amazing, and they can even help your dog with things like anxiety or itchy skin. Plus, they really make bath time a fun, bonding experience for you and your dog. Gift sets from Fido Fizzies always include a fun toy and a special accessory or treat. 

Want to know more about picking the best Christmas gift for your dog? Keep reading to find out how to select the right present from Fido Fizzies. 


Picking The Pawfect Present For Your Dog

You don’t just want to give your dog a random toy or treat. You want to get your dog something special that reflects how much you care. To pick the perfect present, think about a few things:

  • Personality 

  • What is your dog like? Even the drooliest Newfoundland can be a dainty princess deep inside. Or maybe you have a tiny dog who just knows he’s really a big, tough guy. 

    We have gifts that are perfect for every dog’s personality. If your dog is a fancy lady, the Pampered Pooch Fun Pack might be exactly what you’re looking for. It includes a pack of 4 soft and feminine smelling bath bombs to make her smell like royalty. There is a string of pearls for your lovely lady, an adjustable crown, and a tutu perfect for taking fun pictures. There is also a squeaky plush toy that looks like a bottle of fancy perfume. Your dog will smell like a princess and look like one too. C’est magnifique!

    For the rough and tumble dog, there’s the Macho Mutt Fun Pack. Even a tiny dog will feel like a manly man with these mysteriously masculine scented bath bombs. With a mustache squeaker, a tooth cleaning steak toy, a soft pipe toy, and of course, a white collar and tie, you’ll be showing your dog that you know he’s the man of the house. 

  • Hobbies

  • Sure it sounds a little silly, but when you picture your dog, are they more of a homebody who likes to snuggle on the couch or are they always on the go?

    If you could easily picture your dog ordering a pumpkin spice latte before heading out for a long, chilly hike, get them the Spicy AF gift set. You can bathe your dog post-workout with the luxurious caramel bath bombs. Complete with a pumpkin squeaky toy, a spiced dog cookie, their very own “latte” toy, and a bandana perfect for Insta-selfies, your dog will look and smell deliciously spicy AF. 

    Fido Fizzies Holiday Gift Melts Hearts Gift Set

    Your dog may be more interested in lying on the couch and chewing on a toy than in an athletic pursuit. And that’s totally okay. If your dog is a homebody who likes soft throws and would probably knit if he had thumbs, you have a dog who would love the Melts Hearts Hot Cocoa gift set. Chocolatey-scented bath bombs with marshmallow bits summon up cozy days. A hot cocoa burrow toy complete with soft marshmallows, a hot cocoa dog cookie, and of course, an adorable bandana round out this wintery gift set. 

  • Practicality

  • When picking the right gift, sometimes you need to take practicality into account. Sometimes a git that does double duty by recognizing the holiday season while also helping your dog with special concerns is best. 

    The Zen Puppy diffuser pack is a practical gift that is also attractive. A drop of Zen Puppy oil on the diffuser disc can help soothe a stressed-out dog. The diffuser charm clips to your dog’s collar, so they can wear it anywhere. In addition to allowing your dog to take calming aromatherapy with her, the charm is also a cute accessory that will jazz up a plain old collar. 

    Some dogs just don’t enjoy the cold weather. A hoodie that keeps them warm, while looking super cute, is the perfect holiday gift. The Fido Fizzies hoodie is a flattering shade of turquoise that fits dogs from small to XXL. Winter walks will be more fun for you and your dog if your pup is feeling protected from the elements. 

    Speaking of winter weather; the winter months can be hard on the paws. The cold can zap the moisture right out of the paw pads, leading to dry, cracked feet. Help your dog’s feet survive the cold with the Fido Footsies Paw Soothing Combo. The Paw Soak will help relieve any itching and irritation. And the Paw Melts will moisturize the paw pads and help prevent cracking. This dynamic duo will make cold weather a little more bearable for dogs that forget how to walk when you try to put them in booties. 

    Cold air can leave skin dry and flaky. Even with a heavy fur coat. Give your dog the gift of supple, itch-free skin year-round with products containing colloidal oatmeal. Oatmeal forms a barrier that helps prevent moisture from leaving the skin and also helps soothe irritation. Stuff your dog’s stocking with our Stop The Itch Bath Soak or Stop The Itch Bath Bombs. In addition to colloidal oatmeal, these products contain essential oils that will help add moisture back to skin that is irritated, flaky, and dry. 

    We told ya! You can’t go wrong with a gift from Fido Fizzies for your fuzzy best friend.

    Got questions about our products? We’ve got answers! We 100% stand behind our products and guarantee that both pawrents and pups will absolutely love them; that’s our Happy Dog Guarantee! If you want to learn more about our story, don’t forget to check out our about page here!